As your company evaluates packaging types for the storage & transportation of chemicals, lubricants, fuels, polymers and other liquids, consider our fleet of rentable, reusable, environmentally-friendly Intermediate Bulk Containers instead of outdated and inefficient drums.

Here are five advantages of IBCs over drums, and why you should make the switch today.

1. IBCs Eliminate the Need for Pallets
A standard 46″ x 46″ pallet is required for every four (4) 55-gallon drums, whereas IBCs eliminate that requirement and cost all together.

2. IBCs Prevent Product Loss by 100%
With a sloped bottom, IBCs guarantee complete discharge of your product.

3. IBCs Optimize Product Volume Delivery by 25%
In a standard domestic 53-foot trailer, you’re able to store & transport 6,600 gallons of product in 12 550-gallon IBCs compared to only 5,280 gallons in 96 drums stacked 2-high.

4. IBCs Generate Savings on Handling
The average manpower required for filling, labeling, and trips by forklift (loading/unloading) for 96 drums is 4 technicians, but for 12 IBCs the average is 2 technicians. That’s a 50% reduction!

5. IBCs Improve Storage Footprint by 46%
One 550-gallon IBC takes up less space on trailers & flatbeds compared to four (4) 55-gallon drums on a standard pallet.

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Benefits of Making the Switch

Reduced Packaging Costs
Total cost of ownership is reduced by utilizing fewer IBCs with improved storage volume and less overall trips.

Enhanced Safety
IBCs require less manpower, energy and time, thereby reducing handling and improving accident and injury rates.

Positive Environmental Impact
The useful life of a reusable stainless-steel IBC is 25+ years, minimizes spills and contamination, and eliminates waste.

Our team of packaging experts are ready to assist with your transition from drums to IBCs today, so contact us for more information, or request a quote now.

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