Goal ZERO & Safety

Being Safe in All That We Do

From site visits and trainings to restoration and unloading, being safe in all that we do is a core principle here at Hoover CS. See how our teams practice proper safety measures.

Houston, Texas Site Visit

Our VP of Marketing Lana Belmokadem & Global Director of Sustainability Nick Moscariello conducting a site visit wearing the appropriate PPE.

IBC Wash Services

When washing, repairing, and reconditioning tanks, Hoover CS employees know to wear the right (and required) PPE for the job.

Wearing our #HooverCS pride

After a weekly safety meeting, our Operations & front office crew gathered together for team photo in their matching white t-shirts.

Striving for Goal Zero

Every Friday, we host a safety meeting across all service centers, where we voice concerns, hazard identification, and policies.

Our Goal Zero Program

We’re as diligent about safety and compliance as you are. No job is so urgent that it cannot be done in a safe and responsible manner! We aim to protect ourselves, our fellow employees, and the environment from harm through our Goal ZERO Program.

To achieve this, we rely on the Hoover CS Safety Policy and its objective to implement a safe and hazard-free professional working environment through training, awareness, attitude development, and fostering a culture of participation and prudence. Turning these principles into practice has become a way for life for us, not because anyone has forced us to, but because we’ve embraced it as the right thing to do.

Additionally, we’re proud to partner with VelocityEHS to report near misses, incidents, and hazards. This is an important tool here at Hoover CS for reaching Goal ZERO.

Read more about our safety programs & policies in our Sustainability Report.

Why We Work Safely at Hoover CS

Read why we take safety seriously when at work, whether that’s in the field, at a well site, or during our daily commutes.

Catalyst Technician

Ben L.

When I go to work, my main priority is to ensure I make it home in one piece, so I can continue to build and share memories with my wife & children. That translates over to my colleagues as well. I want them to go home to their loved ones just the same as I do, which is why I work safely at Hoover CS.

Director – Operational Excellence

Kevin C.

As I partner with our service centers to identify operational improvements and streamline procedures, safety is my number one priority. Through proper training and guidance, we’ve been able to cultivate a strong global safety culture that I’m beyond proud of. At the end of the day, no job is so urgent that it cannot be safely.

Outside Sales Manager

Mark S.

Working for an employer that values our safety is why I enjoy working for Hoover CS. When traveling, I utilize hands-free calling in my vehicle and make sure I wear the right PPE when visiting customers. To know that we’re all working towards zero incidents of injury on the job is definitely reassuring.

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