We cover every step of your recurring bulk chemical transportation needs across North America, from storage to last-mile delivery, and our fully qualified team stands ready 24/7 to move your product safely and efficiently. Our long experience in the petrochemical and specialty chemicals industries means that we have the equipment, the physical capacity, and the know-how to provide high-quality primary or secondary transportation and logistics services that will help you to generate revenue and reduce your costs.

Features of
Bulk Delivery Units

Pic Bulk Chemical

Diversified Fleet

Power-only units capable of handling any flatbed, tanker, ISO, or dry van needs.

Strategic Operations

24-hour dispatch available 365 days a year.

GPS, Geofencing & Level Monitoring

Track your tanks with GPS technology to see real-time shipment locations or utilize Geofencing as an added security measure. BDUs can also be equipped with remote level monitoring for product visibility.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Costs

Transportation resources are provided at a much lower cost compared to building out your own fleet – no capital cost, personnel or industry knowledge required.

Trusted Drivers & Operators

Our drivers are highly trained operators and are prepared to handle both driving and offloading needs. Every driver in our fleet is HAZMAT certified, SafeLand approved, tanker endorsed, and we guarantee their availability.

Field Ready

All trucks are equipped with pumps and compressors to handle all types of chemicals, ingredients, and materials.

Last-Mile Delivery

Our drivers are equipped to support last-mile delivery, including transportation, transloading, in-region storage capabilities, and other related logistics services.

Whether you are taking advantage of our massive rental fleet or looking to support your company-owned assets, Hoover CS protects the integrity of every single container with our industrial container services. With a service offering that includes IBC tank cleaning, reconditioning, regulatory recertifications, and more, we make the process easy on your operations and positive for the environment.

Proper tank maintenance ensures a long useful life, allowing you to continue using your industrial packaging solutions again and again. With a focus on quality control, our team meticulously inspects every container, checking for damage and leaks that could potentially affect functional integrity. In addition to delivering the highest-quality tanks possible, our industrial container services support our commitment to a circular supply chain. This, in turn, allows us to optimize environmental efforts across a wide range of industries.

Offering an extensive array of chemical tank cleaning services for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, our strategically located facilities provide your operations with the convenience of a one-stop shop for all your tank cleaning needs.

Tank Services Include


IBC Services

Per UN/DOT standards, stationary IBCs are required to receive testing and recertifications every 2.5 years; transport IBCs require testing and recertifications every 2.5 and 5 years.

  • Internal and external wash
  • Restoration and repair
  • Recertification (air-tested, UN-thickness tested, DOT-record kept)

ISO Tank Services

ISO Tanks are required to receive testing and recertification every 2.5 years from the manufacturing date.

  • Internal and external wash
  • Restoration and repair
  • Recertification (3rd party testing includes visual inspection inside and out, as well as air testing or hydrotesting depending on the year)
  • Chassis – DOT-record kept

Catalyst Bin Services

  • Interior sand blasting
  • Internal and external wash (stainless-steel bins only)
  • Restoration and repair
  • Recertification (UN leakproof testing)

The General Cleaning Process for IBCs, ISO Tanks & Trailers

Note: Different chemicals may require alternative cleaning processes.

Cycle Objective Operation
1 Dirty Flush Flush with recycled water and transfer to wastewater tank
2 Hot Detergent Wash Wash and recirculate detergent (or caustic) in a closed circuit
3 Freshwater Rinse Rinse with hot or cold freshwater and return back to recycled water tank
4 Steam Cycle Steam interior with direct feed from boiler system
5 Drying Cycle Dry interior with filtered ambient air

Our Service Centers Are Ready To Support You

For a full list of Hoover CS service centers and 3rd party approved cleaning facilities, click here.

Now in business for over 30 years as a provider of rail transport and bulk services for fresh and spent catalyst, Hoover CS can help you access all the advantages of moving in bulk. In addition to the unit price advantage of greater volume, transporting in bulk using our system of fully enclosed leak-proof railcars reduces your liability, environmental risk, and associated paperwork. These implementations also ease traffic while reducing the manpower required at each refinery. Whether by rail or highway, we provide logistical support between refineries, processors, and recycling facilities and can offer real-time visibility on each load’s location.

Hoover CS Full Catalyst Management Services Include

Pic Bulk Catalyst

Catalyst Transfer and Warehousing

Our service centers are safe, secure, and climate-controlled to allow optimal transfer of catalysts to-and-from Catalyst Bins. Valuable catalysts are protected from contamination and degradation, and securely stored. Catalyst disposal is supported with options for recycling.

Logistics Support

Detailed documentation and segregation are provided at each step of the storage, transfer, and loading process to help ensure process efficiency and catalyst integrity.

Transportation Support

Specialized truck, rail, and maritime Catalyst Bin transport systems for fresh and spent catalysts reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Electronic Track and Trace

24/7 access to Catalyst Bin data is provided through our proprietary software.

Catalyst Security

Tamper-proof protection for valuable catalysts designed specifically for Hoover CS Catalyst Bins.

& Sustainable

Doubling down on our commitment to sustainability, our service centers leverage innovative water reclamation and reuse techniques ensuring responsible practices when servicing IBCs, Catalyst Bins, and ISO tanks. By partnering with Hoover CS, you are joining us in our commitment to the environment and facilitating greater circularity across your supply chain by extending the shelf life for all your tanks and containers.


Our Goal Zero team and network of Safety Champions prioritize safety above all else, ensuring zero incidents, zero injuries, and zero environmental releases, especially with our more unique services to support your bulk chemical and catalyst needs.

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