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From Start

We design your custom chemical packaging solution just as carefully as we design our highest-quality reusable containers.

  • Global warming potential and water use in manufacturing are lower for steel than for the equivalent amount of single-use plastic containers.
  • Our reusable steel containers are made to last 25+ years – no replacements needed.
  • Steel allows us to make stronger, safer containers that reduce the chance of spills.
  • Our designs minimize residue left in the container to reduce product waste and minimize chemical disposal.
  • Our teams analyze your specific situation, map out a strategy to meet your needs and KPIs. Everything is tailored to your operations and timing for minimum disruption – and maximum efficiency.

Through Delivery

Your product is safely contained – and its journey is efficiently managed by Hoover CS.

  • We manage your fleet through our FleetAI system, which combines tank level monitoring, asset tracking and document storage.
  • We strategically transition your fleet to FleetAI in a way that does not disturb your operations and that does deliver the targeted efficiencies.
  • We put the data you need at your fingertips through our mobile app.
  • Our Goal Zero team ensures that safety is prioritized above all else as we work toward zero incidents, zero injuries and zero environmental releases.
  • Our transport-friendly container design reduces trips – and so decreases fuel emissions and labor hours for packing. No wooden pallets are needed.
  • We direct the process of washing, reconditioning and recertifying reusable containers for safety.
  • We’re committed to making that process as sustainable as possible through innovative water reclamation and reuse.

For The Future

Show the world how you create more value with less waste. It’s an impact for good on your company’s future and our world’s.

  • Your customers, consumers and investors are actively rewarding companies they see as sustainable.
  • Our circular solutions give you proof points to tell your sustainability story.
  • Incorporate data from our life cycle assessment study into your sustainability reporting to achieve increased transparency across your supply chain.
  • We are aligning with external frameworks like the UN SDGs to increase transparency and ensure that our efforts have the greatest possible impact.
  • We are developing a way to provide real-time snapshots of the sustainability impacts of your assets to give visibility into your Scope 3 emissions from chemical transport.

Transform your Packaging Strategy

We recognize the complexities of supply chains and know first-hand how difficult it can be to make the transformation to circularity; but, this is why leading companies choose to partner with us.

Through our simple and uncomplicated process, we can help your company raise the bar for packaging sustainability in your industry with Hoover CS reusable containers, convenient service program, and technology.

View our case studies & white papers to get an inside look at how we accomplish this.

Case Study

We performed an in-depth fleet analysis for Martin Energy Services to eliminate reoccurring challenges, such as certification and compliance issues, underutilized tanks, and lost assets. Learn how our partnership delivered significant results.

White Paper

Read more on our approach to creating an effective chemical packaging strategy built around sustainability and the importance of why every company should have one.

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