Strapping charts – available in standard and metric – can be used to compute the volume of liquid that is in a tank at a specific level. Information provided in the strapping charts is approximate, as actual values may vary due to differing product densities and other factors.

Use the documents below as a general guide for Hoover CS rentals, products, and services. If you have a specific question regarding contracts, procedures, or returns, please contact your Sales Account Manager or Customer Service Representative.

Use the tools below to calculate various conversions, such as temperature, weight, and volume.

Pressure Conversion Calculator
    Bar Kg/cm Psi    
Temperature Conversion Calculator
    Celsius Fahrenheit    
Length Conversion Calculator
  Millimeters Centimeters Miles Inches  
  Meter Kilometers Feet Yards  
Weight Conversion Calculator
Metric Tons Kilograms Pounds Oz Grams Tons
Volume Conversion Calculator
Milliliters Liters Fluid Ounces Pints Cups Quarts Gallons
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