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824 I-10 S. Frontage Rd.
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About this Hoover CS Location

Situated between Lake Charles and Baton Rouge and conveniently located off I-10, our Scott, Louisiana Office & Service Center is equipped to support your chemical and liquid containment needs throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast region with our sustainable packaging solutions, tank maintenance services, transportation, and logistics services.

Whether you need high-quality IBC washes with NAS6 accommodations or transportation to-and-from your site to ours, our experienced tank technicians and dedicated drivers will ensure your IBC totes are washed, serviced, and delivered—safely, on time, and in compliance. We are committed to protecting the integrity and dependability of every single container that comes through our doors. Our comprehensive maintenance and service program includes IBC recertification, inspection, wash, and more.

Our Goal Zero team and network of Safety Champions prioritize safety above all else to ensure zero incidents, zero injuries, and zero environmental releases. This facility utilizes a state-of-the-art water reclamation system to recycle up to 600 gallons of water per hour, reducing the amount of water needed for IBC wash cycles and allowing us to treat used water onsite. Wastewater is also converted into steam by an evaporator. By leveraging these systems, we’re able to optimize water usage while simultaneously reducing water and chemical waste.

Contact us to learn more about IBC rentals, services or to schedule a tour of our facilities. If you’re ready to speak with one of our representatives, request a quote now.

IBC Services

Protecting the integrity of your Intermediate Bulk Containers to maximize value and performance.

  • Regulatory Certifications
    UN testing, such as air and thickness
  • Inspections
    Thorough interior & exterior visual examination for defects and/or damage
  • Repair & Restoration
    Welding and other repairs completed on-site
  • Part Replacement
    Readily available inventory of valves, fittings, gaskets, and more, including installation
  • Transportation
    Coordinate pick-up & delivery of IBCs between your facilities and ours
  • Fleet Management
    Asset tracking, level monitoring, document storage, and more

IBC Wash

Thorough, high-quality cleaning and wash services for IBC totes.

  • Vapor Recovery
    Thermal oxidizer converts hazardous vapors before exhausting to atmosphere (prior to tank wash)
  • IBC Wash
    All IBC totes go through a general cleaning process – a dirty flush followed by a hot detergent/caustic wash and freshwater rinse, then finished off with a steam and drying cycle
  • Post-Wash Inspections
    Visual examination certifying IBCs are 100%-free of all material, vapors, and odors
  • NAS6 Cleaning Accommodations
    For customers requiring a particle count of 6 or below, we offer a separate low-pressure rinse in addition to our standard IBC wash service; includes water treatment testing
  • “Easy Clean” Wash
    Fast and efficient wash for IBCs containing Acetone, Decene, DeIonized Water, Ethylene, Light Aromatic, Naptha, Light Petroleum, Distillates, Methanol, Motor Oil, Silicone, Solvents, Xylene, etc.
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