Custom IBCs

Custom IBCs

Hoover CS recognizes companies will often have their own unique packaging requirements, which is why our experienced Sales and Engineering departments will partner with you to analyze your application and determine next steps to create a custom Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) that is perfect for your needs.

Many Configurations & Sizes Available

Our Process

  1. Design Idea: Our sales and engineering teams will work with your initial ideas, sketches, or drawings and refine them into an IBC that meets or exceeds your expectations after understanding your specific requirements and application.
  2. Design Proposal & Approval: Considering price, quality and serviceability, our engineering team will create detailed drawings for your review and approval of the design.
  3. Consultation: Our engineering team will consult with you throughout the development stage of the project to ensure all objectives are met. We provide on-site consultation, as well as phone and webinar meetings to best meet the objectives of providing you with a complete turnkey solution.
  4. Shipping: We will provide full transportation services using our preferred carrier, or your choice of carrier. Our logistics team will ensure your product arrives when needed.
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